Ts/th/tp/tbs/tbh/tbp Serileri

  • Motors designed in accordance with the requirements of IEC 34 family and relevant harmonized standards derived within the EEC
  • External surface ventilation
  • Aluminium or die-cast aluminium alloy cage rotor
  • Insulation class F or H
  • Degree of protection IP55, IP56, IP65, IP66
  • Unified size and shaft heights from 63 to 280
  • Power ratings and dimensions in accordance with IEC 72-1 from 0.09 to 90 kW
  • Available with mounting feet B3 or B5 with flange or B14
  • Polarity: 2,4,6
  • FM brake in DC and MS brake in AC
  • Over-temperature compatible with Class B
  • Ambient temperature + 40°C
  • Altitude < 1.000 m above sea level